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Get ready to roll up your sleeves and dive into the world of baking!
Not only will you learn how to make delicious and beautiful pastries, but you will also learn techniques, recipes, tips and secrets that are used in professional patisserie shops.

Come alone, with your spouse, friends, or kids to learn, laugh, experiment hands on and of course eat. A lot. 
You will leave my workshops with knowledge that you can apply later on, and not only for the recipes you learned. Oh, and you also take home with you a box of the things you made.



Whether it’s a birthday party or just for fun, the kids’s baking workshops are suitable for both the young and the grown kids. Workshops such as Cake Pop, cookies, birthday rainbow cake and much more. In each workshop, the kids leave with a box of the sweets they made.

Workshop duration 
2-2,5 hours with a min of 6 participants

37€ for a child

Lunch/Dinner workshop
Chocolate workshop


These workshops are suitable for families, friends or co-workers. All of the participants take part in creating a meal together from scratch and finish the workshop sitting together to enjoy the meal we made. Workshops such as Italian dinner where we make pizza dough and sauce, melanzane, caprese salad, tiramisu and more.

Workshop duration
3.5-4 hours with a min of 6 participants

60€ for an adult and 37€ for a child



In these workshops we learn about a specific dough and make many kinds of pastries with it - both sweet and savory. We learn how to work right with the dough and how to avoid mistakes. In the shortcrust pastry dough for example, we make the dough itself, shape it into a tart pan and different fillings. Some require baking and some do not.  Lemon tart, tomatoes and pesto quiche and much more. The participants leave the workshop with a box of the pastries they made.

Workshop duration
3-3.5 hours with a min of 6 participants

60€ per participant



The perfect couple’s bonding time. In this workshop we will make lots of chocolate desserts but not only such as chocolate half baked cake, truffles in different flavors, Crème Brûlée tart and more. We will enjoy some delicious whine and savory treats to accompany the sweets we will make together. The participants will get a recipe booklet and a box of the sweets they made during the workshop.

Workshop duration
3-3.5 hours. Suited for couples or a group of min 4 participants

180€ for a couple or 60€ per participant in a group

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